Gerard's Pool Hall League Info:

Monday Nights: APA
7:00 pm - 10 pm
8/15/18 - 12/09/18
Tuesday Nights: BCA In-house
7:00 pm - 10 pm
$5.00 8-Ball League


How much does pool league cost?
-APA yearly membership is $25/year.
-League play is $7 per player per match (weekly).
-All skill levels accepted. 
How do skill rankings work?
-Skill rankings vary from 2 (beginner) - 7 (advanced).
-New players start at skill level 4 (intermediate).
-The higher your skill ranking, the more games you’ll need to win in order to win your match.
What are the APA rules?
-Fouls result in ball-in-hand.
< Hit your ball first.
< Something has to hit a rail or drop in the pocket after contact.
-You don’t need to call your shot.
How do teams work?
-Teams consist of 5-8 people.
-Teams can only play a total of 23 skill level for the 5 matches, so you can’t have a team of all 7’s (advanced skill level).
How do matches work?
-Each week your team will play 5 matches against other teams.
-Each match has a number of games depending on the skill level comparisons of the two players. 
-Points are rewarded for winning a match.
< 3 points for a shut-out.
< 2 points for winning.
< 1 point for getting to the hill (one game away from winning the match.
-Top 4 teams in the division go to division playoffs.
-Winners of playoffs go to the Tri-Cup Tournament.
-Winners of the Tri-Cup Tournament go to the All-City Tournament.
-Winners of the All-City Tournament go to Las Vegas, NV for the National Tournament.
-Winners of the Las Vegas, NV for the National Tournament receive a $25,000 cash prize.
Please contact us for more information regarding league play.